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Commercial Kitchen

At Prep Space we use industry leading brands so you can be confident in the reliability of our kitchens while on task.

The Kitchen Rent is based on a membership which includes office space and meeting room as well as an individual key code to get into the building. The cost of the membership is minimal with most of it being put toward your kitchen rent each month.


  • Dishwasher 

  • Ovens 

  • 6 Burner Stove Top 

  • Sink 

  • Tilt Fryer 

  • Freezer 

  • Mixer 

  • Fridge

  • Dry Storage 

  • Braiser

Our commercialized kitchens consist of everything you might need, ovens, stove top, sinks and prep tables to prepare your food product. Along with that we have other equipment that can be rented out separately such as:

Kitchen Rental Packages


Prep tables and Packaging area.

Prep Space



Modern Restaurant Kitchen


Large climate-controlled room with two Prep Tables

Prep Room



6 burner stove, 2 ovens, prep sink, 22 sq. ft. refrigerator, 2 prep tables, and dishwasher use.

Basic Kitchen Rental:

Available Kitchens: Red, Yellow, Green and Blue.


*Volume Discount: Your 1st four hours are covered under your membership. For every 10 hours, we discount 10%, up to 40% off.

Extra Kitchen Options

  • Mixer

  • Char-broiler

  • Tilt Skillet

  • Freezer Storage Rack

  • Cooler Storage Rack

  • Dry Storage Cart

Contact us today so that we can help create

the perfect package for your food preparation needs!

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