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Prep-Space emerged from a growing demand in temporary kitchen solutions in the Grand Rapids area.

Our goal is to support the culinary industry-chefs, bakers, retail, wholesale specialty food producers, caterers, etc.

We also are supporting the food truck industry with all the amenities they would need for a successful business in the Grand Rapids area. 

Welcome to PrepSpace

Food Trucks in Wyoming, MI


About Us


Commercial Kitchen

Our commercialized kitchens consist of everything you might need, ovens, stove top, sinks and prep tables to prepare your food product. Along with that we have other equipment that can be added to your package such as a tilt fryer and mixers.   

At Prep Space we use industry leading brands so you can be confident in the reliability of our kitchens while on task.


Food Trucks


With the booming food truck industry in the Grand Rapids area we are available to be your home base.  We have indoor and outdoor truck parking as well as many amenities to help keep your truck looking and functioning well on the streets!


Contact us today if you want more information about the commercial kitchen or our food truck commissary!

commercial kitchen in Wyoming, MI
Food trucks in Wyoming, MI
Our Services


At Prep Space we offer several membership options in order to provide a customized fit for you and your business.


Our packages provide different levels of facility uses and business benefits based on what you need to make your business successful.


Contact Us today, we will help you choose the package that is best for you.



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